Requirements For Accepting Credit Cards On An E-Commerce Store

E-coomerce had a relatively slow start in Australia but things are much better now. It is growing at a humongous pace and everybody, including big retailers, is jumping into the fray. Another thing which is responsible for high growth rate of e-commerce in Australia is the supply of low-cost items from China. Many entrepreneurs are now looking for solutions to open their own e-commerce stores by buying cheap products from China and selling it online in Australia, with a healthy margin.

Opening an e-commerce store is not particularly challenging today. Scripts like WordPress make it very easy to open an e-commerce store with the help of plug-ins like woocommerce. There are a lot of web designing resources available today to businesses that can help them open a well-designed and highly converting store.

One thing that separates a normal website from an e-commerce is the high level of security required in e-commerce transactions. Since e-commerce requires taking payments from credit cards and online banks, it is necessary for websites to the PCI compliant.

In simple terms, it means that businesses need to have SSL enabled websites. It means that a website should use the HTTPS protocol for communication between a client web browser and the website.

How to Accept Credit Cards on My Website

A business needs to have a merchant account to start accepting payments from credit cards on e-commerce site. Merchant accounts are offered by banks and some other services and have strict compliance rules. These require extensive documentation.

One of the requirements of a merchant account to accept online credit card payments is that the web server should be PCI compliant. Among other things, it requires that the server needs to be secure and use the SSL technology for data transmission between the browser and the web server and the web server and the authenticating payment gateway.

SSL technology encrypts the data exchanged between the browser and the website so that no one else can read the data that is being exchanged.

There are many other benefits of having a HTTPS secure server. It also increases conversion rate as people trust the various seals provided by merchant accounts that certify the safety of a website.

E-Commerce Web Design

Other than the security, design of an e-commerce store also plays an important role in converting web site visitors into paying customers. Experts recommend that businesses should hire experienced designers for creating a unique experience for visitors to their e-commerce store.

An e-commerce store should be unique in design and have easy navigation and search functions for better user experience.

Merchant Services

As mentioned above, there are few companies that offer merchant services to accept credit cards on your website. However, all merchant services are not same. It is important for a business to partner with an experienced merchant service provider.

Platinum Web Media ( is a full-service digital marketing agency that also helps businesses with merchant services. Our team has helped a number of businesses in turning their dream of an e-commerce store into reality.

Give us a call today and we will be happy to help you build a high-quality e-commerce store.

How To Make Sure Your Website isn’t Hurting Your Business

The one thing you need with your website is visitor engagement. If people come to your blog and then click off extremely quickly, then you know something is up. This is called your bounce rate. The higher is gets to 100% the worse it is. If your website has a bounce rate of 80% for example it means as soon as people click on your website 80% leave almost straight away.


They press the back button. Now who invented that dreaded button? Well it isn’t really the fault of the button. The essence is that the visitor can’t find what they are looking for, or it takes them too much effort to find what they need so they get out of dodge and look for another website.



Rush Rush

Browsers are in a hurry these days so to accommodate this you need to keep your site design clean and not have too much clutter on it. If your website has tons of treadmills and ellipticals for sale, don’t cram every single one of them onto the home page. Put your best sellers on there and provide easy drop down menu links from a few categories along the top or side of your site.


Over killing it with too much information will only give your browsers a headache and cause them to search for a better website. If you have Google Analytics installed it will show you how long each visitor stays for on your site. What’s worrying but in actuality is only really a reality check for your business, is that Google punishes sites that have a high bounce rate. They lower them down the search results, so you are potentially losing even more money.


It’s all about the user experience they say, it’s not, it is all about your business. Google doesn’t actually care about your business, but if you give them what they want you are also helping your business. There is no logical reason for having very high traffic going to your blog, and then most of it clicking off and not responding to your offers. Many people will even pay Google massive monthly fees to get targeted traffic to their websites, which in essence is what they want.


But they are not so quick to penalize you here when you are paying for this service. They will gladly send you traffic all day long at a hefty fee, but if you don’t again reduce your bounce rate you are effectively throwing the majority of your money down the pan.


Reducing The Rate

To reduce the bounce rate on your site (even if it is good you should always try to do this, a few percent can double your profits!) you need to tweak the design, content and navigation of your site. You need to let things settle for a week or 2 (less if your traffic is very high) then go into your analytics software and check your stats. You can even use a marvellous piece of software called get Clicky which actually analyzes where the users look at on your site and which places they click on or hover over with the mouse. Just if not more invaluable than any analytics software.



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