Holiday is the time for credit card mistakes during shopping

It is the hardest time when you wake up on the first day of the New Year and understand that tomorrow you will have to go to the work, it is cold and your credit card bill for the holidays will arrive soon.

Almost all people feel the same difficulties; however there is a possibility to make these problems not so destroying. Look for the following tips and recommendations that will help you to reduce your holiday spending:

1. Make a budget on gifts

The most difficult is to choose gifts for everyone and stay in the limits of your budget. However it is necessary to make a list of possible purchases and supposed prices and try to follow this list while shopping. Also it can happen that you find a good gift for sale, but have not received your salary yet. In such case you may contact direct payday loan lenders only and take necessary amount of money. Such step will help you to buy the item for cheaper price with no hurt to your budget.

2. Choose appropriate gift to your spouse

It is not necessary to make very expensive gift just to show your attitude, but then have a big bill for it. You can always find some necessary thing that can be used in your routine life. Also it is possible to make some purchase together, in such way you can find the best variant and enjoy it together.

3. Make your December payment earlier

During holiday rush you can forget to make a regular payment, so you should think about it ahead. You can just pay necessary fees when you just receive your salary in order to have these payments done.

4. Always pay attention to the bills you are paying

You can be busy at work or have some problems at home, but this does not prevent you from revising all bills that you receive. Making this action a rule will help you to avoid many problems and misunderstandings in your financial life.

5. Be careful with your credit card

Holiday is time when all shops are overcrowded, that is why there are also many thieves. So you should be very attentive with your card. You can drop it when caring too many packages, just forget to put it in your wallet after next purchase or give it to someone unreliable. Also there is a danger to lose your bonus or discount card for particular shop, because there is your personal information provided there. At last you can travel somewhere and this is the most vulnerable time for theft.

To prevent such lost you should pay more attention to all your credit cards, keep them close to your body, always report about the missing cards. These are the easiest steps to secure your money.

6. Track all your spending

The best way to control your money is to set a budget and try to follow it. According to the budget you can understand what spheres of spending can be reduced and where you can find some other possible ways to save money. Also when a person see all money spent on different staff, there comes a better understanding of money importance.

7. Always find discounts

You should get accustomed to spend some minutes to find good propositions and sales for the items you may need. There are always many shops that have website with all provided service. You just need to sign up for it and receive all offers that will obviously help you to save money on many necessary purchases.

Requirements For Accepting Credit Cards On An E-Commerce Store

E-coomerce had a relatively slow start in Australia but things are much better now. It is growing at a humongous pace and everybody, including big retailers, is jumping into the fray. Another thing which is responsible for high growth rate of e-commerce in Australia is the supply of low-cost items from China. Many entrepreneurs are now looking for solutions to open their own e-commerce stores by buying cheap products from China and selling it online in Australia, with a healthy margin.

Opening an e-commerce store is not particularly challenging today. Scripts like WordPress make it very easy to open an e-commerce store with the help of plug-ins like woocommerce. There are a lot of web designing resources available today to businesses that can help them open a well-designed and highly converting store.

One thing that separates a normal website from an e-commerce is the high level of security required in e-commerce transactions. Since e-commerce requires taking payments from credit cards and online banks, it is necessary for websites to the PCI compliant.

In simple terms, it means that businesses need to have SSL enabled websites. It means that a website should use the HTTPS protocol for communication between a client web browser and the website.

How to Accept Credit Cards on My Website

A business needs to have a merchant account to start accepting payments from credit cards on e-commerce site. Merchant accounts are offered by banks and some other services and have strict compliance rules. These require extensive documentation.

One of the requirements of a merchant account to accept online credit card payments is that the web server should be PCI compliant. Among other things, it requires that the server needs to be secure and use the SSL technology for data transmission between the browser and the web server and the web server and the authenticating payment gateway.

SSL technology encrypts the data exchanged between the browser and the website so that no one else can read the data that is being exchanged.

There are many other benefits of having a HTTPS secure server. It also increases conversion rate as people trust the various seals provided by merchant accounts that certify the safety of a website.

E-Commerce Web Design

Other than the security, design of an e-commerce store also plays an important role in converting web site visitors into paying customers. Experts recommend that businesses should hire experienced designers for creating a unique experience for visitors to their e-commerce store.

An e-commerce store should be unique in design and have easy navigation and search functions for better user experience.

Merchant Services

As mentioned above, there are few companies that offer merchant services to accept credit cards on your website. However, all merchant services are not same. It is important for a business to partner with an experienced merchant service provider.

Platinum Web Media ( is a full-service digital marketing agency that also helps businesses with merchant services. Our team has helped a number of businesses in turning their dream of an e-commerce store into reality.

Give us a call today and we will be happy to help you build a high-quality e-commerce store.

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